Smartphones have slowly changed our lives.

Now the same simplicity and ease of use arrives in our homes, in the objects that are more familiar to us.

Domoki. A little switch, a big step for your home

Domoki is simple:

  • you can install it replacing a normal switch in a few minutes
  • It allows you to control your boiler remotely or with voice commands without masonry work
  • It can be connected with many ZigBee wireless devices.
  • You can control it inside and outside your home with the App that you can download from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • It learns from your behaviors and helps you saving money.
  • It tracks the consumption of connected devices and verifies their correct operation.

We created domoki cube for the needs of an usual apartment. With a single kit, you can replace the thermostat, control up to 3 electrical devices and guarantee safety with the motion sensor and gas sensor, even when you’re away from home.