The Android heart of domoki is the gateway to the world of wireless sensors

Little devices that help us to protect our loved ones inside home: they easily detect smoke, fire, flood or gas leak, and also intrusions or movements. Domoki will warn you in case of danger.

Safety is of course one of the most important things in your home. Safety for us and our loved ones. Not only security from external events, but also tranquility inside our home environment.

Wireless sensors are a small revolution in the possibilities of advanced low-cost technology that guarantee tranquility.

Tranquility of not having intrusions. With door and window sensors or motion sensors that alert you in case of unexpected actions.

Tranquility for older people. With the motion sensors that confirm that there are activities at home and that everything proceeds as it should.

Tranquility from gas or CO2 leaks. With sensors that monitor our home environment and allow us to sleep peacefully.

Tranquility from floods or fires. With domoki and wireless technologies no more dangers for our children and us.