A smart thermostat, lights, switches, shutters and motion sensors.

Everything becomes very easy to use while you’re on the sofa, with voice command or with the app!

Domoki combines easy to use and automation of lights, domestic appliances and temperature. Domoki helps you limit waste and predicts your habitual behavior.

Domoki improves your life thanks to Android technology and the use of plugs, actuators and sensors from remote thanks to wireless Zigbee standard technology

How it works: The smart switch can not only manage the thermostat and the sockets that are physically connected to domoki, but also the remote accessories connected wirelessly to your domoki.

Comfort during the development of home electrical system! The configurations are very simple and do not require hard (and expensive) works or new wiring inside your apartament.

Comfort thanks to voice recognition! You just need to say to your smart switch “hey domoki”, and it will be ready to listen you and, for example, turn on the lights after your voice command.

Comfort with the app. Simple, intuitive, it gives you a secure access to your lights, sensors and thermostat, while you’re on the sofa (yes, your laziness is also ours…) and even if you’re away from home.

Comfort of technology at your disposal. Domoki learns from your behaviours and helps you managing your home. For example if you work till late, domoki can postpone the activation of the thermostat and notify you by a message on your smartphone. When you leave the office it can calculate the distance and turn on the heating only when needed.

Comfort in the control of consumption. Domoki keeps track of the the consumption of all the smart sockets connected, physically or wireless. So it can helps you to control the consumption (and waste) of your home.