Every home is a concentrate of energy and vitality.

Room, kitchen, bath, lobby, lights, shutters, windows, entrances: Endless possibilities!

This is why when you imagine a technological house, ideas never ends. And who knows what news will reserve us for the next years.

Smart plug
Perfect for controlling your home devices from your smartphone. You can also control consumption.
Relays for shutters

A simple relay that allows you to control a shutter motor. This relay can be integrated with the “Enter / Exit home” automation.

Relè Wireless

Thanks to this built-in relè wireless you can control remote devices. It can be installed also inside round boxes.

Smart window/door sensor

Every time a door or a window opens, the sensor warns you.
The battery lasts up to 2 years.

Motion sensor

Everything under control! Thanks to this motion sensor you can control the safety of your home or powering on lights.

RGB lamp

Give a touch of color to your home. With this lamp you can choose the ideal color for every moment

combustible gas detector

Control gas leaks in real time with this alarm. It is equipped with an emergency siren.

Smoke sensor

Sleep safety. Our smoke sensor will take care of you in case of danger. It also has an internal siren. The battery lasts up to 2 years.

Smart Carbon Monoxide sensor

The carbon monoxide is a insidious poisonous gas because it is odorless and tasteless. Let this sensor warn you in case of any danger. It has an internal siren.


How much important is security? Connect this siren with domoki and add motion and door/window sensors to have a small anti-intrusion system.

Temperature and humidity sensor

Even more comfort thanks to this sensor that integrates domoki capabilities for higher precision.

Flood sensor

Turn on your washing machine without fear even when you’re not home. This sensor will warn you in case of problems.

It’s not over here! Domoki is compatible with a lot of other products of different brands.
Discover them all below.


The IKEA Smart range of lighting products includes light bulbs, cabinet doors and LED panels

OSRAM Lightify

Domoki is compatible with LED lamps and the smartplug of Lightify Osram series.

Sensibo - Conditioned air

Control your air conditioner from anywhere. Check the temperature and the humidity remotely.

Sensibo - Conditioned air

Xiaomi produces a lot of small sensors compatible with domoki, such as the temperature and humidity sensor.