Domoki brings Android technology into home switches.

A revolution at home without the need of masonry work.

And with a click from the smartphone – or with your voice – you can control lights, blinds, thermostat, motion sensors, gas and more…

Take it easy! Let domoki works for you

What does it mean to have a home really smart? It means having someone that helps you in your daily life and that gives you more comfort, saving and security.

The Android revolution inside your home

Something magic for your electrical system 

Innovation improves our lifes with little things, like a normal switch. Thanks to the artificial intelligence and to the unique use of the Android operating system, the home electrical system takes a big step forward!

Control domoki from the App available for Android and IOS

Install on your smartphone the app available on the Apple Store or on Google Play. Managing your electrical system, the thermostat, the shutters, the motion sensors is very simple, intuitive and, above all, damn comfortable!

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Discover the accessories

Small sensors, actuators, wireless detectors that thanks to the Zigbee standard are easily configurable and allow you to make smart many electronic devices inside your home. With domoki and Zigbee you can also measure electrical consumption and verify anomalies or malfunctions. Technology and savings without complicated work at home.

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